24 case KILLER

In the glass, this EXTREMELY limited run Monterey Syrah has a black purple center with plum edges and an electric halo….

The nose is tight out-the-gate but it doesn’t take long for black cherries, cigar smoke, and bacon fat to punch me in the face…. This lil sucker is a quick opener y’all ———> Timid in the beginning; every minute this wine spends in the glass adds more and more depth to my sniff!!!!

A taste throws a coating mouthfeel of blue and blackberries at my palate ———> The middle on this guy is breakfast bacon straight off of the griddle with cherry cola and black cherries….. By the time I find the ending I’m hit with a long smoky, puréed raspberry finish that has me itchin’ for another sip…..

Here’s a 24 case (YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT, 24 CASE) Syrah offering from Big Sur Vineyards that knocked my socks off…. Y’all know I’m a sucker for a good Syrah and this my friends, is a GREAT one!!!!

2015 Big Sur Vineyards “Syrah” Monterey CA


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