In the glass, this Walla Walla Barbera has a HUGE black center with bubblegum pink edges and a white rose halo….

When I stick my nose in the glass, I’m blindsided by ripe blackberries with a pile of gardening mulch poured fresh out of the bag and some mushroom funk….

A taste starts with more of the blackberry that I got in the nose before heading into a lil blueberry and black cherry medley ———–> The mid-palate is kinda dirty with an unwashed fig thing that I’m kinda into before a loooong bright tannin and dark chocolate finish that hangs on the tongue until my next sip….

To say that I’m fairly unfamiliar with domestic Barbera would be a gross understatement…. That said, after tasting this knockout expression of it from Saviah Cellars ——-> I’m eager to taste more!!!

2015 Saviah Cellars “Barbera” Walla Walla WA


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