In the glass, this Pinot from Mendocino has a black plumb core with big league chew bubblegum edges and a thin translucent halo….

A sniff is a smorgasbord of blueberries and raspberries before mouthwatering cherries and cedar wood show up to keep things interesting….

A sip has a medium-weight mouthfeel that starts with bing cherries and orange zest ———–> By the time I get to the mid-palate im hit with more of what I got on the nose as there’s a fistful of raspberries that were muddled onto plank of cedar wood…. This little guy finishes a bit on the dark side with black fruit that haaaaaaaaangs on my tongue for a while….

Damnit Halcon, you’ve done it again…. Just when I thought you were a big red shop, you turn around and make a Pinot like this —————> Red, blue, and black fruit with a cedar wood kick – oh my!!! Pair this sucker with a chicken florentine dish…. Y’all can thank me later!

2016 Halcon Vineyards “Pinot Noir” Mendocino CA

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