Petite Paso

In the glass, this Paso Petite Sirah has a worn black tire center with bright purple edges and a rose petal halo….

The nose on this wine is a damned desert in itself ———> There’s a double fudge brownie ice cream thing, some raspberries, and a brown sugar coated apple….

A taste is HUGE in my mouth with a cranberry sauce start that immediately goes dark with black cherries and blackberries ———> The mid-palate refreshes a bit with a bright acid tinge before a cottony tannic finish of black coffee and dark chocolate….

Y’all love big, boisterous, slutty wines.?.?.?.? Whelp, here’s one for the arsenal…. Don’t worry about trying to pair this sucker with food, just pop, pour, and enjoy!

2017 Field Recordings “Petite Sirah” Paso Robles CA

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