Rabble Cab

In the glass, this Paso Cab has a deep-blue and purple center with garnet edges surrounded by a bubblegum-pink halo….

A sniff is is loaded with red raspberry jam and a pinch of thyme spice ——–> When I get my nose in the glass a 2nd time there’s a rubber tire thing that puts me in a tire shop waiting room with a back-end FULL of oak….

A sip has a satiny start of smooth tannins that show off the raspberry and blackberry fruit on the forefront ————> The mid-palate takes a woody day-trip with a touch of fresh oak before the wine finishes a bit more grippy than the start with a loooong grasping serenade of black cherries and beets….

Y’all know I love Paso Robles wines but most that you’ve seen me gush over have been of Rhône varietals….. Welllllllll, here’s a decent little Paso Cab for all you “Cab is King(ers)” out there! Skip the steak on this one and pair with grilled chicken kabobs or a smoked pork butt!

2016 Rabble Wine Co “Cabernet Sauvignon” Paso Robles CA


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