Road trippin’

In the glass, this Red Mountain AVA WA grown Merlot that took a road trip to be bottled in Paso Robles has a HUGE black center with staining purple edges and a pink rose halo….

A sniff starts with a nose-full of cedar sawdust before sugared blueberries and ripe plums bring a bit of fruit to the ballgame….

A taste starts with more of the cedar wood that I got on the nose before raspberry sauce and dark chocolate take over the mid-palate ——–> The finish on this transient of a wine is HUGE with coating tannins that push a forklift under a palate of black cherries, cola, and boysenberries….

Hey there y’all, here’s yet ANOTHER label from Paso wild man, Andrew Jones…. In his ’16 Barter & Trade, Andrew sourced Merlot from wait for it…. the Red Mountain AVA in WA state! If you know me at all, you know I’m a fool for Red Mountain wines ———> This lil guy does the RM Appelation NO disservice!

2016 Barter & Trade “Merlot” Red Mountain AVA WA

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