Napa cedar Napa DO

In the glass, this classic Napa Cab has a deep ruby center with BRIGHT purple edges and a thin translucent halo….

When I stick my nose in the glass, I’m buried by a dump truck load of cedar sawdust ——————> Another sniff brings out raspberry and black licorice notes that only compliment the original cedar blast….

A sip unleashes a blueberry and black cherry start that dances into a room full of dark chocolate and anise…. The mid-palate shows a bit of tightness with more of the cedar that I got on the nose before a spicy black pepper and dark fruit ending….

Trefethen Family Vineyards is one of the O.G’s when it comes to Napa wine…. If you’re a Cab lover, this classic checks all the right boxes! At 5 years old, it could use a short decant or a couple more years in bottle but if you’re looking for an iconic Napa Cab that doesn’t break the bank, here you go!!!

2013 Trefethen “Oak Knoll Cabernet Sauvignon” Napa Valley CA

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