Santa BarbBeautiful

In the glass, this Santa Barbara Grenache has a lipstick red center with pink rose edges and a thin translucent halo….

Before I even get my nose in the glass I’m hit with an EXPLOSION of forrest floor funk that’s emphasized by fresh raspberries and a wet leather kick ———-> The nose on this guy is LIGHTS OUT!!!!

A sip shows more of the red raspberries that I got on the nose before a terrior driven mid-palate of mushroomy funk and blue fruit….. The back-half brightens up the room a bit with some bing cherries and a loooooooong white pepper and cranberry sauce finish…..

GUYS….. To say that I’m excited about this Grenache from Lumen Wines would be the UNDERSTATEMENT of a LIFETIME!!!! This thing is beautiful ———> Can you say THANKSGIVING WINE!?!? For $30 bucks, you’re going to need a 6 pack – y’all can thank me later!

2015 Lumen Wines “Grenache” Santa Barbara CA

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