You’re so L.A.

In the glass, this LA County Grenache/Merlot/Syrah blend has a DEEP purple center with bricking edges and a pink halo….

The nose is a sucker punch of sweet perfume spayed on an oak stave ———> Another sniff brings out a sugared raspberry thing and – I’M IN LOVE….

A sip has a cranberry start that answers the door to sweet oak and a touch of bing cherry tartness….. The mid-palate is JAM PACKED with more red fruit and some black-currant before strawberry preserves show up to give this thing a lingering finish that is TO DIE FOR!!!!

Hey y’all ———> Here’s a wine from Bryon Blatty that’s got the nose, it’s got the layers, and it’s got the structure…. Guys, it’s kinda got it all… This is one of my first LA County wine experiences and I must say ——–> Damn!!!

2016 Byron Blatty Wines “Tremor” Los Angeles CA

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