Pull my Carr around

In the glass, this Sta Ynez Cab Franc has a wide black tire core that gives way to electric purple edges and a bubblegum pink halo….

A sniff unleashes a fist full of blackberries with a pinch of thyme spice and a lime zest kick….

The palate’s got an herbaceous start that skips its’ way into a black cherry and blueberry medley…. By the time the mid-palate comes out to play I’m hit with satiny tannins that lead into to chewy cocoa and cola notes ———> The finish stays grippy but brightens a bit with some red licorice and crushed cranberries…. Through all of this deliciousness, the herbaceousness that I got on the start continues to lurk in the background just enough to remind me that I’m drinkin’ Cab Franc!

Y’all into Cab Franc as much as I am??? Well…. even if you’re not you’ll still dig this guy from Carr Winery! Cool thing about this wine is the fact that its’ versatility will allow it to pair with just about anything on your dinner plate!!!

2016 Carr Winery “Cabernet Franc” Sta Ynez CA


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