Welcome to the Naborhood

In the glass, this Paso Grenache has a ruby red center with rusty edges that create a pink halo….

The nose on this bad boy is GORGEOUS…. There is just a touch of mushroomy funk before some strawberry preserves and floral notes accent a bit of sweet cedar…. Damn, I’ve missed you Dusty!!!!

A taste of this Grenache brings an immediate smile to my face…. There is an unexpected amount of restraint while still offering BEAUTIFUL notes of red and black fruit with just a touch of meatiness ———-> Cherries start the palate before some puréed cranberries and blackberries slow-dance in the middle…. The finish is looooong with cherry cola and super approachable tannins that BEG for another sip….

Guys, it’s been a while since I popped a Dusty Nabor Wine and I must say….. What on God’s green earth have I been waiting for!?!?!?! This Grenache is nothing short of elegant and I’m going to need more ASAP!!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, get on the Dusty Nabor mailing list NOW as it’s only a matter of time before it closes….

2016 Dusty Nabor Wines “Paper Plane Grenache” Paso Robles CA


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