El Maestro de Garnacha

In the glass, this Spanish Garnacha has an inky purple core with blue flower edges that are surrounded by a super thin translucent halo….

A sniff is a head full of meaty mushrooms with a coriander kick ———> A revisit of the nose shows some barnyard funk and ripe blue fruit….

When I take a drink I’m pleasantly surprised by the muddled raspberry and blueberry start that paves the way to an earthy mid-palate…. The earthy funk hangs on into a looooong, black tea and cranberry finish that has me drooling….. man-o-man-o-man-o-man…….

Here’s a Spanish Garnacha for around $20 bucks that you need to be drinking NOW! Pair this little number with a burger or your favorite grilled chicken dish and let the good times roll, y’all!!!

2017 Alfredo Maestro “El Marciano Garnacha” Castilla y Leon Spain


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