Stand DOWN

In the glass, this Cali red blend has a beet purple center with electric edges and a violet halo….

The nose is jammy raspberries and chemicalized cherries ———> Sadly, thats kind of it….

A taste starts a little better than a sniff with a cranapple beginning that fades into a milk chocolate mid-palate ———-> While the first and second act aren’t terrible, the third falls short as there’s nothing evident but the unappealing jammyness of cheap; bullshit bulk fruit….

I wanted to like this wine y’all, I really did…. Unfortunately, I feel like they phoned it in here. This is nothing more than a boring bulk wine in a heavy bottle with a flashy label…. Save yourself the heartache, let me spend your hard earned $20 bucks on something worthwhile, and pass on this sub-quality money-grab.

2016 SLO Down Wines “Stand Out – Red Blend” CA

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