Best of both worlds

In the glass, this Monterey Pinot from the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA has a murky-plum center with garnet edges and a bricking halo….

A sniff is JAM PACKED with tart cranberries and red apples ———> When I dive in for a revisit, I’m hit with a headful of puréed cherries and bright raspberries…. Simply put, this wine is just plain FRESH!!!

A sip has an acid driven, bing cherry start that opens up into a bit of funk with a mushroomy thing that I LOVE ———-> The mid-palate goes a lil dark with some black fruit and subtle oak before the wine sharpens back up with a bright but fading cranberry finish….

Here’s a really nice Pinot from our friends at Theopolis Vineyards… The nose is fresh while the palate is layered; running your tastebuds through quite the gamut ———–> This one is ideal for my fellow Pinot lovers looking for an expression with an old world and new world balance….

2016 Theopolis Vineyards “Pinot Noir” Santa Lucia Highlands CA

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