In the glass, this Arizona Graciano (you read that right) has a deep garnet center with electric purple edges and a bubblegum pink halo….

It’s gonna sound kinda odd but the nose on this bad boy is a walk in the desert…. A sniff is full of dusty black cherries with a touch of salinity all positioned on a bone dry canvas ——> DAMN…. I can’t get my nose out of my glass….

My first sip has a dark fruit start that stumbles into notes of leather and oak ———> The mid-palate is DELICIOUS with a bing cherry and red raspberry smoothie before the wine shows a pomegranate and black tea ending with a coriander spice kick that lingers….

Arizona wine is no joke guys and this one from Aridus Wine Co shows that the proof is in the pudding…. I’ve had my fair share of Graciano wines but this is my first AZ expression of the variety and all I can say is WOW, Aridus has done it again!!!

2016 Aridus Wine Co “Graciano” Arizona

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