A pragmatic approach

In the glass, this LA County Malbec blend has a pavement black center with thin violate edges that pink out slowly into a tight halo….

A sniff is a HEAD-FULL of French oak with raspberries, blueberries, and a just a touch of basement floor dust….

When I take a sip I’m hit with a bell pepper start that quickly journeys into a tunnel of black fruit ———> The mid-palate brightens up a bit with a hint of raspberry tart…. When I get to the end of this bad boy I’ve got mouth coating but super smooth tannins on my tongue before a 60 second woody and anise(y) finish that has me droooooooling…..

Guys…. This Los Angeles wine movement thing that we’ve all been reading about is LEGIT!!! Byron Blatty is leading the charge and their wines are NO JOKE ———-> This one’s a Malbec driven blend with a splash of Cab and Merlot and GOODNIGHT is it ridiculous…. They don’t make very much of these wines so get your hands on some if you can!

2016 Byron Blatty “Pragmatic” LA County CA


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