Floral beauty

In the glass, this Monterey Pinot has a light purple center with pink carnation edges and a wide translucent halo….

A sniff is LOADED with wild berries that pave the way for some rose petal and violet floral notes that have me goin’ ——-> WHOA….

When I give this thing a taste there’s a bing cherry start that leads straight into some sexy sweet leather and more of the floral goodness that I got on the nose ———> The finish is light but long with coating raspberry jam that goes on and on and on….

I can’t lie…. I’m downright smitten over this Reserve Pinot from Big Sur Vineyards ———-> There’s a floral aspect I’m head over heals for and don’t even get me started on that damned ending that has me begging for another sip…. You can pair this guy with food if you must but I’m LOVING it on its’ own!!!

2014 Big Sur Vineyards “Reserve Pinot Noir” Monterey CA


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