Optimal Zin

In the glass, this Sonoma Zin has a black and blue core with violet edges surrounded by a pink lipstick halo….

I don’t even have to stick my nose in the glass to get the explosive raspberry and cranberry blast coming off of this thing! When I get in for a sniff there’s also some black cherry and wet cedar wood that I’m kinda loving….

A sip starts with raspberry jam and blueberry tart before the mid-palate turns out the lights and goes pitch-black with blackberries and black plums ———–> The ending is deep and rich with mouth-coating cocoa and more of the black cherry that I got on the nose before some lively bing cherry acid carries this thing out with a long, mouthwatering finish….

Anybody else love sexy elegant Zins and hate those super jammy, made in a lab expressions of the grape?!?!? Well if you do, this little guy from Optima Winery has your name written ALL OVER IT!!!

2013 Optima Winery “Zinfandel” Sonoma CA


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