Sneak peek

In the glass, this Rose’ of Cab Franc has a dark pink halo with salmon edges and a thin transluscent halo….

A sniff is a BLAST of watermelon and strawberries ———–> When I stick my nose in the glass for a revisit, there’s a nice citrus base with just the right amount of maraschino cherries that have me dreamin’ of summer….

A taste has a JUICY strawberry start that goes tropical with notes of kiwi and lemon peel…. The middle falls into a pomegranate pit before an ending that finishes with more of the watermelon that I got on the nose before notes of tart berry and orange zest take this porch pounder home….

Alrighty folks…. Here’s a sneak peek of the not yet released 2018 Rose’ from Amigoni Urban Winery that has me yearning for summer ———> This little guy is dry and fresh and ready to be your outside wine of 2019!!!! Fair warning, the wine WILL sell out so make sure to get yourself a bottle (or a case) the second you see it out in the wild…..

2018 Amigoni Winery “Rose’ of Cabernet Franc”

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