Hit the MARK

In the glass, this Napa Cab has a voluptuous black core with ruby red edges and a bright purple halo….

When I stick my nose in the glass there’s a $75 Napa Cab…. A sniff of this thing has some firm black cherry, subtle oak, and a nice anise base that cover all the corners I’m lookin’ for ————> When I realize I paid $35 bucks for this bottle, I’m in AWE….

The palate starts with blackberries and more of the anise that I got on the nose before some wood shows up to highlight an addictive cedar note… A chew and a swish expose red raspberries and plumminess before an ending that latches onto my tongue with sticky tannins that carry a loooooong and mouth watering cedar-berry finish….

Holy moly you guys… THIS is a wine that should sell for 2X what it costs. I’ll be honest with you, I can be a tough cookie when it comes to Cali Cabs. That said, THIS one hits ALL the right notes and has my jaw in the floor…… if you want a premium Napa Cab at 1/2 the price ———> here’s your man!

2014 Markham Vineyards “Cabernet Sauvignon” Napa Valley CA


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