Let’s get weird

In the glass, this New York Saperavi has a deep black purple core with bluish purple edges and an electric halo….

The nose has a dusty onset with basement floor funk and ripe red raspberries…. Another sniff brings out some subtle oak and a bit of herbaceousness that I’m diggin’….

On the palate there’s a sharp cranberry start that mellows into black cherries and blueberries ——-> The mid-palate shows more of the oak that I got on the nose before the ending gets just a little astringent with acidic bing cherries and blue plums that have my mouth watering waaaaaay past my sip….

Lookin’ for a really fun wine that you aren’t gonna find just anywhere??? Well ———-> I’ve got you covered with this Saperavi from Chateau Niagara Winery!!!! Check this guy out and step out of your comfort zone a bit, y’all!

2016 Chateau Niagara Winery “Saperavi” Niagara County NY


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