Engagement party

In the glass, this Grenache Rose’ out of Paso is GORGEOUS ———> There’s a light salmon center that blends softly into pink rose-petal edges that melt into a WIDE translucent halo….

A sniff is a watermelon, strawberry, and kiwifruit medley ———> The FRESH, BRIGHT, and JUICY nose on this thing BEGS for a sip!!!

The palate starts with some raspberry acid before I’m hit with more of the watermelon that I got on the nose ———-> The mid-palate shows some green apple tart before floral notes take hold and drive the finish home into a loooooooong orange blossom ending that I’m in LOVE with!

It broke 50 degrees in KC today and we couldn’t break out the Rose’ fast enough ——–> While we drink em’ 12 months outta the year, this one from Elevage Wines was the PERFECT way to cheers to the end of winter…. This stuff is STUPID GOOD!!!

2018 Elevage Wines “Grenache Rose'” Paso Robles CA


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