Hungari for Pinot 🎧 drink 2 Hall and Oats

In the glass, this Hungarian Oak aged Sonoma Pinot has a dark garnet center with fireplace brick edges and a bubblegum pink halo….

A sniff is pretty and balanced with bing cherries, rosemary, and fresh spring-herbs ———–> When I dive in to revisit I find myself in a field of roses and I’m in HEAVEN!!!!

The palate starts with more of the bing cherries that I got on the nose before a cranberry sauce thing balances everything out ———> The mid-palate is FULL of rhubarb pie with just a touch of earthiness before this guy finishes bright and clean with zesty raspberries that have me diving in for another drink….

Here’s my first experience with Terragena Vineyards and all I can say is WOW!!! This single barrel (yes you heard that right) Pommard Clone Pinot from Abassi Vineyard has depth, complexity, and balance & I’m in LOVE…. Sit back and pair it with a song that’s got layers and zest like Hall and Oats – Rich girl….

2017 Terragena (Single Barrel Pinot Noir) Sonoma CA

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