Self destructive – 🎧 drink 2 K’naan

In the glass, this 50/50 split of Grenache & Syrah out of Monterey is dark, oily, and thick ———-> The center has a HUGE black plum core that takes forever to fade into a thin bright purple halo….

The nose starts with raspberries and wet leather…. Another sniff shows a deep purple flower note that has me on the edge of my seat!

When I take a sip I’m pleasantly taken back by a blackberry and black cherry smoothie before the mid-palate sings a heavier tune with some tannic structure, more of the raspberries that I got on the nose, and a mild cigar wrapper kick ———–> All of this said, the real magic happens at the end of the wine when structured tannins show off a looooong cocoa encrusted blueberry finish that’s got me blushing….

Geeeeeeeeez guys ———–> Y’all know I love myself some Rhône variety(s) and this 50/50 split of Grenache and Syrah from Wrath Wines has my side hurting…. The glass is big, the nose is big, the palate is big… Simply put this wine is big but even so, it’s still got class! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with something that’ll preach at you a bit but still have you bobbin’ your head like K’naan – In The Beginning

2016 Wrath Wines “Destructive” Monterey CA

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