Damn, gena 🎧 drink 2 The Chainsmokers

In the glass, this Sonoma Chardonnay from Abbassi Vineyard has a golden center with light yellow edges that’re wrapped by a translucent halo….

A sniff is a BLAST of dandelion flowers, green apples, and just a touch of funky oak ———-> When I revisit, I’m hit with a subtle petrol and grapefruit combo that I’m kinda into….

The palate starts with white pears and green apple tart ———> A chew and a swish open the mid-palate into a subdued pineapple note with a touch of oak before the finish shows KILLER minerality that’s the backbone for a looooooong citrus fruit ending that leaves my mouth watering…..

Terragena Vineyards is still pretty new to me but so far they’re 2 for 2!!! This Chardonnay is light and refreshing but still shows some really solid complexity ————> Say hello to your spring sipper friends and 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with The Chainsmokers – Roses

2016 Terragena Vineyard “Abbassi Vineyard Chardonnay” Carneros Sonoma CA


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