LangueDirtyMartini 🎧 drink 2 Slightly Stoopid

In the glass, this Languedoc ——> Grenache/Syrah/Carignon blend has a blackberry center with electric edges and a thin pink halo….

A sniff is tight in the onslaught…. Once I give it a 2nd go there’s a trace of black fruit, green herbs and minerality….

The palate starts with black cherries and ripe red raspberries ————> A chew brings out a mid-palate with bright acid and more of the blackberries that I got on the nose before a salty, green olive finish leads the charge into a spicy fennel ending that sort of hangs out on my tongue for a whiiiiiiiiiile….

Here’s a lil Frenchie that all of my martini drinking friends will GUSH over….. This red blend from Jeff Carrell sees ZERO oak and shows PLENTY of acid, saltiness, and spice. This is a killer summertime red! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a summertime classic like Sublime – Bad Fish

2015 Jeff Carrel “Les Darins” Languedoc FR

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