G Funk 🎧 drink 2 George Clinton

In the glass, this Santa Barbara – 90/10 split of Syrah & Viognier has a dark purple center with violet flower edges and an electric halo….

A sniff is raw and uninterrupted with ripe raspberries, sweet cedar, and smoky black cherries….

A taste starts with a blueberry and black cherry smoothie that plummets effortlessly into silky notes of rose-petal and lilac ————> The mid-palate coats my tongue a bit with a powdered cocoa tannin before dark chocolate, smoke, and blackberries show up to create a mid-length finish that begs for another sip….

Here’s a Santa Barbara Syrah with a splash of Viogner from Winc Wines ———-> For under $20 bucks, this guy’s LAYERED and shows some pretty impressive structure…. If you see it out in the wild, it’s worth a try! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with something funky like George Clinton – We Got the Funk

2016 Winc Wines “Funk Zone” Santa Barbara CA


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