Pay DAY 🎧 drink 2 Janis Joplin

When I pull the cork on this guy there’s some pressure in the bottle that makes it go – pop!

In the glass, the wine’s got a HUGE blackberry center surrounded by electric purple edges that fade into a hot pink halo…

The nose is chock-full of dusty bing cherries, red raspberries, and mushroom perfume funk….

A sip has a carbonic start that sets the stage for acid driven bubbles, bright bing cherries, and strawberries ——–> The mid-palate mellows a bit with some blackberry and cranberry purée before the ending goes tart with an orange coriander and grapefruit finish that haaaaaaaaangs out on my tongue….

Here’s a Pinot blend from Day Wines that will have all my natural wine drinkers GUSHING…. This thing is fun, bright, and zippy with just a touch of effervescent carbonic pop ——–> Throw a slight chill on it and 🎧🎧🎧 listen to this wine with the most natural of all hippy chicks Janis Joplin – Piece of My Heart

2018 Day Wines “Vin de Days Rogue” Willamette OR

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