Creeks gonna rise 🎧 drink 2 JJ Grey & Mofro

In the glass, this Anderson Valley Pinot has a blackberry core with mild purple edges surrounded by a pink lipstick halo….

The nose starts with dusty plums and potpourri ————> A swirl and another sniff shows dried dark fruit and a cream cheese frosting thing that’s got my head spinning…..

A sip has a mid-weight mouthfeel that carries a STUPID GOOD bright flower and black cherry start ———–> The mid-palate is straight decadence with chocolate covered blueberries and more of the dark fruit I got on the nose before an ending that throws a touch of spice in the ring with some orange coriander and a lasting white pepper finish…..

HERE is a Cab drinkers Pinot my friends…. This lil guy from Lazy Creek Vineyards is a blend of Pinot Noir from 3 Estate Vineyards out of the Anderson Valley AVA that’s masterfully blended to create something of sheer beauty!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with something big yet relaxing like JJ Grey & Mofro – This River

2016 Lazy Creek Vineyards “Anderson Valley Pinot Noir” Anderson Valley CA

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