Stumblin’ through the woods 🎧 drink 2 Willie Nelson

In the glass, this Neutral Oak aged Sonoma Pinot has a bright garnet center with fading brick edges and a thick translucent halo….

The nose starts earthy and Burgundian ———> After a few minutes of air, another sniff opens this puppy up with lilac flowers, juicy red fruit, and cola….

A sip starts bright with bing cherry acid and ripe red raspberries ———-> The mid-palate smoothes out a bit with black cherries and cranberries…. A chew and a swish brings out some chalky minerality that welcomes a fresh herb and dried orange peel ending that sets a stage for a hearty, coriander and blackberry finish that hangs out for a whiiiiiiile….

These single barrel wines from Terragena Vineyards are SO MUCH DAMN FUN!!! You may recall my last bottle being aged in Hungarian Oak and showing loads of juicy fruit and rhubarb pie…. Well, here’s the SAME wine aged in Neutral Oak with a completely DIFFERENT flavor profile!!! Wood matters folks and these guys are here to prove it…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with something earthy and true to form like Willie Nelson – Midnight Rider

2017 Terragena Vineyards “Single Barrel Neutral Oak Pinot Noir” Sonoma CA

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