NS – Ohhhhhhhhh 🎧 drink 2 Twenty One Pilots

In the glass, this Paso Robles Grenache has a light garnet core surrounded by red raspberry edges with a thin translucent halo….

The nose screams dusty oak (no pun intended) and lilac flowers ———–> Another sniff shows some strawberry jam and brown sugar and I CAN’T WAIT to dive into this thing!!!

The palate is lively with a fresh strawberry and candied cranberry start before the mid-palate levels out with more of the oak I got on the nose leading into a silky mouthfeel of puréed blackberries ———–> The finish is LOADED with cranberry sauce that paves the way to a loooooooong vanilla ending…..

Soooooooooo…. Here’s another label from Dusty Nabor called NSO Wines ——> This NSO (No Special Occasion) bottling of Grenache is a DELICIOUS mouthful of wine and at like $12 bucks a bottle I have NO CLUE how he’s making it….. You’ve only got a week or so of moderate weather before wine shipping season ends so RUN DON’T WALK and order a case of this thing to tide you over til fall!!! 🎧🎧🎧 listen to this wine with something fun and alive like Twenty One Pilots – Ride

2017 NSO Wines “Grenache” Paso Robles CA


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