Pinot Noir reSURve 🎧 drink 2 The Head and the Heart

In the glass, this Monterey Pinot has a dark garnet core with pink-orange edges surrounded by a thin translucent halo….

The nose is a bouquet of red and purple flowers DRENCHED in cherry cola ———> Another sniff adds just a touch of funky raspberry to the mix and it’s go-time for a sip….

A drink starts with bing cherries and cranberry sauce before some acid and dark fruit bring out more of the cherry cola I got on the nose ———–> A chew and a swish expose a mid-palate with a touch of oak before Grandma’s strawberry hard candy pairs with contrasting and delicious raspberry black tea…. The finish on this beaut is loooooong and driven by black fruit acid that’s got my mouth watering for another taste….

Big Sur Vineyards never disappoints and this Reserve Pinot Noir is no exception!!!! This thing is gorgeous in every sense of the word…. If these wines aren’t already on your radar, you’re missing out! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with something pretty like The Head and the Heart – Lost in my mind

2016 Big Sur Vineyards “Reserve Pinot Noir” Monterey CA

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