Here’s Johnny! 🎧 drink 2 Matt and Kim

In the glass this Sta. Rita Hills Pinot has a dark plum core surrounded by rusty edges and a rose(y) red halo….

The nose SCREAMS raspberry perfume and sweet purple flowers ———-> Another sniff adds a touch of heat with some black pepper spice and I’m DYING to get into this sucker….

A taste starts with a decent amount of weight that carries LOADS of puréed dark fruit and black cherries to the forefront ———-> A chew and a swish brings out a maraschino cherry syrup and raspberry black tea mid-palate before this hedonistic beauty finishes with forest floor that brings a bit of funk to a loooooooong cranapple finish….

I love Pinot Noir! I’ll easily gush over the intricacies of a racier expression of the grape but can also fall head over heels for ones with a weightier profile ———> This little guy from Bonaccorsi Wine Co is definitely the latter and HOLY SMOKES is it LIGHTS OUT!!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a small band that’s got a BIG sound like Matt and Kim – Daylight

2016 Bonaccorsi “John Sabastiano Vineyard Pinot Noir” Sta. Rita Hills CA

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