Tondré grapes of Wrath 🎧 drink 2 Blind Melon

In the glass this Sta. Lucia Highlands Pinot has a black-plum core with DARK brick edges surrounded by a garnet halo….

The nose EXPLODES out of my glass and SCREAMS muddled blackberries into a cedar plank before lilac petals peek through to pretty things up a bit….

A sip starts with a mouth-coating viscosity of puréed black cherries and sugared cranberries before some boysenberry jam joins the party ———–> A chew and a swish opens up a touch of bing cherry acid on the mid-palate that paves the way for a loooooooooong Hershey’s syrup dipped blackberry finish….

Big Pinot lovers unite and get on this Sta. Lucia Highlands offering from Wrath Wines ———–> This puppy is big but also layered quite nicely to bring together each and every component beautifully…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with something big, layered, and beautiful like Blind Melon – Change

2016 Wrath Wines “Tondré Grapefield Pinot Noir” Sta. Lucia Highlands CA

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