A BIG Bolt 🎧 drink 2 Pearl Jam

In the glass this Sta. Rita Hills Pinot has a GIGANTIC black-oil core with asphalt edges surrounded by a mid-width electric purple halo….

A sniff is full of bacon grease and white pepper spice ————> A revisit pulls out some black cherries and blackberries and as I’m drooling all I can think is….. How on earth is this thing a Pinot Noir???

The palate starts zippy with a quick bing cherry kick that fades into black fruit…. There’s more of the black cherries and blackberries I got in the nose before a chew and a swish opens up a mid-palate that’s LOADED with cherry cola and sea salt covered caramel ————> There’s so much going on with this guy that it takes a while to find an ending but when I finally do, it finishes with sharp tannins that are beautifully offset by a loooong and nice cranberry ending…..

I LOVE Pinots with a bit of umph and this behemoth from Bolt To Wines is JUST THAT!!!! While this guy starts out with a little bing cherry acid ———–> it quickly does a deep dive into black fruit, cola, and even a little salinity…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a BIG song that’s gotta ton of zip like Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror

2017 Bolt To Wines “Pinot Noir” Sta Rita Hills CA


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