A beautiful ride… 🎧 drink 2 Joe Cocker

In the glass, this Sonoma Pinot has a light garnet core with pink velvet edges surrounded by a thin translucent halo….

The nose is delicate and pretty with dried flowers, perfume(y) red raspberries, and just a pinch of coriander spice that’s got me craving a sip….

A taste starts light on the tongue with cranberry infused water that tightens up quickly with some bing cherry acid…. The mid-palate expands a bit with juicy red raspberries and more of the dried flower spice I got on the nose before the ending marches towards a little grip with thin but attention grabbing tannins that set the groundwork for a delicious Grand Marnier soaked cranberry finish that goes NO WHERE FAST….

Here’s my first taste of a ’17 from The Withers Winery and LORD HAVE MERCY is this Pinot GORGEOUS ———-> There’s this dried flower spice thing that’s PERFECTLY offset by juicy red fruit and cherry acid and I’ve found myself another winner folks!!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with some comfort-hippie music like Joe Cocker – With a Little Help from My Friends

2017 The Withers Winery “Peters Vineyard Pinot Noir” Sonoma CA


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