Under 20 dough naughty… 🎧 drink 2 Moonshiner Collective

In the glass this Central Coast Claret has a HUGE midnight-black core surrounded by tomato paste edges and a thin, rusty halo….

The nose is dark and sharp with ripe blackberries and wet cedar ———–> Another sniff adds raspberry splattered treated lumber to the profile before a bit of evident but non-intrusive medicinal band-aid comes out to play….

A taste starts heavy on the palate with powdered cocoa and more of the blackberries I got on the nose…. The mid-palate stays dark with black plums and caramel before some air over my tongue exposes an herbaceous sage and rosemary kick that catches my attention ————–> The finish on this guy is looooooooong and delicious with black cherries, sassafras, and black pepper spice….

Heres a nice little Central Coast Claret from Donati Family Vineyard that waaaaaay OVERDELIVERS for its’ $15 dollarish price-tag ————–> This fun daily drinker is dark, herbaceous, and just plain delicious…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this Cali wine with some Cali music like Moonshiner Collective – Come Alive

2014 Donati Family Vineyards “Claret” Central Coast CA


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