Ballard Blanc 🎧 drink 2 Chaka Khan

In the glass this Ballard Canyon Grenache Blanc has a browning apple center surrounded by white gold edges and a thick translucent halo….

A sniff is big and boisterous with candied pears and some KILLER lemony zest ———–> A revisit pulls out a subtle brandy note that leaves me salivating….

The palate starts with more of the lemon zest I got on the nose before some green apple tart and honeydew team up to join the fun ——–> A chew and a swish opens up a mid-palate that’s LOADED with slivered almonds and coriander spice before this little lady dances into a looooooong and slow orange peel ending that hangs out on my tongue well into my next sip….

Love big hedonistic whites that still have enough complexity and structure to take the wine serious??? Me too and this Grenache Blanc from bolt to wines is JUST THAT!!!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a something breezy but still loaded with soul like Chaka Khan – Tell me something Good

2017 bolt to wines “Grenache Blanc” Ballard Canyon CA

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