Santa Barbara Beauty 🎧 drink 2 Beck

In the glass this Santa Barbara Grenache shows a thick rusty purple core with pink-orange edges that’re surrounded by a mid-width translucent halo….

The nose is a face-full of of floral cranberry goodness with a touch of gravel road dust ———–> A second sniff brings out savory potpourri and sweet perfume notes that kinda have me blushing…..

A taste starts with candied cherries and grenadine before unloading a bit of weight onto my tongue that carries some cranberry sauce and forest floor funk…. The coating mouthfeel continues into the mid-palate with an expressive but breezy raspberry and cherry cola medley that’s NOTHING SHORT of LIGHTS OUT ———> The ending is a tug o’ war between delicious acid and provoking minerality and good god is this thing delicious……

Holy wow does the Grenache from Lumen Wines overdeliver for its’ price point ————-> This thing is beautiful in every since of the word and at like $30 bucks drinks at more than twice its’ price point….. 🎧🎧🎧 You’ll never want this bottle to go empty so listen to this wine with a song about keeping the night goin’ like Beck – Up All Night

2016 Lumen Wines “Grenache” Santa Barbara CA

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