Release the geese… 🎧 drink 2 Local Natives

In the glass this Anderson Valley Pinot has a black-purple core with tree bark edges that’re surrounded by a lipstick pink halo….

A sniff starts with an earthy kick of garden topsoil and wild berries before going dark with a black cherry note that perfectly offsets the Burgundian start….

The palate is big and juicy with an onslaught of red berries and cranberries ————> When the mid-palate hits this guy teeters back toward the rustic side I got on the nose with blackberries stomped into wet forest floor before showing some KILLER bing cherry tart that introduces a raspberry black tea and Cointreau ending and I’m left drooling for another taste….

Anderson Valley is CRUSHING the Pinot game and this one from Toulouse Vineyards is another PERFECT example of how versatile this variety can be in the area ———-> This wines’ got a good amount of juicy black fruit but also shows a Burgundian funky side that adds complexity to the pre-existing deliciousness…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with something fun, poppy, and a little funky like Local Natives – When Am I Gonna Lose You

2015 Toulouse Vineyards “Pinot Noir” Anderson Valley CA

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