777 🎧 drink 2 Citizen Cope

In the glass this Monterey Pinot has a black-brick core with burnt orange edges surrounded by a mid-width translucent halo….

The nose is a BLAST of sweet cedar wood and raspberry purée ———–> Another sniff unleashes a rich and delicious maraschino cherry and sugared cranberry kick that I’m DIGGING!!!!

A taste has a tongue coating start that gives a warm welcome to more of the puréed raspberries I got on the nose before bacon fat and forrest floor skip onto the scene and join the fun ———–> A chew and a swish shows rustic acidity before a smoked meat and sweet marinara component sets the stage for a PHENOMENAL basil and anise ending that just keeps on gooooooooooooooing……..

The Pinots from Wrath Wines are seldom to disappoint and this one is yet another WINNER!!! This guys’ got LOADS of sugared fruit and bright acidity but with some wild game, smoke, and even a bit of vegetal goodness all looming in the background…. 🎧🎧🎧 Put your feet up, pour a glass, and listen to this wine with a total chill out song like Citizen Cope – Sideways

2016 Wrath “Pomard 4/777 Pinot Noir” Monterey CA


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