Big Undertake-king 🎧 drink 2 Temple Of The Dog

In the glass, this Zin dominate LA County blend has a HUGE calamata olive core with electric purple edges surrounded by a super-thin, translucent halo….

The nose shows a sandalwood and fig start before black fruit and dusty cedar dance onto the scene ———-> Another sniff unleashes a red licorice blast that settles slowly into some KILLER candied fruit notes….

A taste has a tongue-coating, tomato acid start that expands seamlessly into wild berries and cranberry sauce ———> A chew and a swish bring out more of the candied fruit I got on the nose with sexy blackberry jam and sugar coated blueberries before a touch of cola delivers a rustic olive note that sets the stage for a meaty ending that offers PLENTY of savory spice and I can’t put my glass down….

There are decent BBQ wines and then there is THIS ————> Here’s a wine that brings some BIG fruit to the forefront but does so with brilliant rusticity that’s held together beautifully with a tinge of acid hiding in the background…. THIS is YOUR BBQ wine my friends!!!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this BIG wine with BIG throwback song like Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike

2017 Byron Blatty “Undertake” LA County CA

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