Losing it over Lula 🎧 drink 2 Twenty One Pilots

In the glass this Anderson valley Pinot has a black olive center with dark ruby edges that’re surrounded by an electric purple halo….

The nose is a black cherry BLAST that skips rocks into a pond of wet Forrest floor and sweet oak ———-> Another sniff shows raspberry purée that plays off a sprinkle of allspice….

A taste starts light and bright with bing cherry acid and orange coriander ————-> A chew and a swish adds a bit of weight to the palate that opens the door to blackberries and more of the raspberries I got on the nose before black tea crashes the party and brings some sweet cedar with an herbaceous touch along for the ride to hang out WELL past closing time….

Here’s a BEAUTIFUL Anderson Valley Pinot from Lula Cellars that kinda knocked my socks off ————> I’ve been championing this variety from this region for a bit now and this wine is yet another reason why!!!! 🎧🎧🎧 DO believe the hype and listen to this wine with Twenty One Pilots – The Hype

2017 Lula Cellars “Anderson Valley Pinot Noir” Anderson Valley CA


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