No BS in BSV 🎧 drink 2 Blackberry Smoke

In the glass this Monterey blend has a black purple center with dark garnet edges that’re wrapped by a thin electric red halo….

The nose is a whirlwind of cedar wood and purple potpourri ————> Another sniff brings out a raspberry and anise marriage that works out beautifully….

A taste starts bright and vibrant with a cherry tomato and underripe blueberry acid thing that I’m digging ————-> A chew and a swish create subtle but chalky tannins that coat my mouth and pull the curtain for a raspberry black tea and cherry cola playbill before more of the sweet cedar I got in the nose joins the cast to hand off the third act to green herbaceousness that quickly turns dark with a mile long 80% cacao covered raspberry ending leaves me blushing…..

Spring has sprung y’all and here’s a KILLER red blend from Big Sur Vineyards that NEEDS to be enjoyed grill side on your patio ————-> This guy balances serious depth with gorgeous restraint and I’m in loooooove!!! 🎧🎧🎧 drink this wine with something hooky like Blackberry Smoke – Pretty Little Lie

2017 Big Sur Vineyards “BSV Red Wine” Monterey CA

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