Life in space 🎧 drink 2 The Mark Adams Band

In the glass, this Santa Barbara Grenache has a rusty brick center with cranberry-orange edges that’re surrounded by a thin translucent halo….

A sniff is a face full of juicy strawberries and raspberry tang ————-> A revisit shows a bit of wet cedar wood that puts a bow on some black pepper and orange zest….

The palate has a mid-weight but coating start of raspberry perfume and grenadine…. The mid-palate shows a touch of bacon grease and red licorice before a chew and a swish unleash an unexpected but warm welcomed green apple tart that settles nicely into a loooooong and chalky dark chocolate ending that I’m head over heals over…..

Here’s another KILLER one from Lumen Wines ————> This Grenache coats the palate without drying you out and is IMPOSSIBLY balanced…. There’s a perfume(y) thing that leads into some gaminess that somehow finds its’ way to tart and delicious cocoa…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with something kinda spacey and super twangy like The Mark Adams Band – Spectators

2016 Lumen Wines “Martian Vineyard Grenache” Santa Barbara CA

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