Citrus & summer 🎧 drink 2 Coasts

In the glass this Dry Creek Grenache Blanc has a white-gold core with translucent straw edges that’re wrapped by a mile-wide clear halo….

A sniff is mouthwatering and full of honeydew and pineapple —————> A revisit adds a bit of mineral structure that ties it all together….

The palate has a quenching start of fresh peaches and mandarin oranges ———> A chew and a swish opens up a mid-palate of lemon acid and green apples before more of the honeydew I got on the nose makes way for a clean and lasting pear-citrus ending that leaves me on my knees for another taste….

Summer is FINALLY here my friends and this Grenache Blanc from The Grenachista is your perfect compliment to the season!!!! This guy’s LOADED with fresh citrus, clean acid, and just a touch of sweetness and you’ll want your bottle to keep going and going and going!!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a poppy summertime jam like Coasts – Oceans

2018 The Grenachista “Mounts Vineyard Grenache Blanc” Sonoma CA

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