Habitual goodness 🎧 drink 2 Vampire Weekend

In the glass this Sta Ynez Grenache has a black cherry core with bursting strawberry edges that’re wrapped by a pink-translucent halo….

The nose is fresh and clean with bright cranberries that fade into bing cherries with a bit of an earthy undertone ———-> Another sniff shows a touch of salinity….

A taste keeps things airy and fresh and this bad boy is just plain GORGEOUS ———-> There’s a red raspberry and green apple thing on the start before a cherry 7 up pop brings a bit of life to the party…. A chew and a swish adds some structure to the mid-palate with breezy tannins that set the stage for more of the salinity I got on the nose before this beaut ends a little herbaceous and a extremely of delicious….

I’m not sure about you but I’m BEYOND ready for summer weather ————> That said, here’s a fun little Grenache from Habit Wine that SCREAMS sunshine and longer days!!! This wine is light and bright and airy but with some nice tannic structure that’ll make you take a step back and take it seriously…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with some sunshine music like Vampire Weekend – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

2018 Habit Wine “Grenache” Sta Ynez CA


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