Depth perception 🎧 drink 2 MGMT

In the glass this Yorkville Highlands Syrah has a HUGE inked-up blackberry core with marooning edges that’re wrapped by a thin translucent halo….

The nose is fleshy and fresh with blueberries, dark meat, and a touch of salinity ————> Another sniff shows a boysenberry and anise marriage that leaves my mouth watering….

A sip has a bright start with serious depth showing sugared black and raspberries before cranberry acid comes into play to open the door to more of the salinity I got on the nose ————> A chew and a swish unleashes tannic grip that firms up the structure and shows an herbaceous mid-palate that sets the stage for a blueberry and white pepper ending that dances on my tongue WELL past my sip….

Here’s a Syrah from Halcon Vineyards that exemplifies why I love Paul Gordon’s wines SOOOOO DAMNED MUCH!!! From the fleshy nose to the bright start to the tannic mid to the herbaceous and fresh ending this thing has ridiculous depth and I’m in loooooove…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this blockbuster of a wine with a blockbuster of a song like MGMT – Electric Feel

2017 Halcon Vineyards “Alturas Syrah” Yorkville Highlands CA

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