Damn Dusty! 🎧 drink 2 JJ Grey & Mofro

In the glass this Ballard Canyon Syrah has a seductive black-purple center with purple lipstick edges that’re surrounded by a thin hot pink halo….

A sniff is dark, dusty, and game(y) ————-> There’s a black fruit base that accents a dusty cedar note before some mouthwatering wild-game ties a beautiful bow on this guy….

The palate has a coating start that shows more of the dark fruit I got on the nose before blackberry pie comes out to play and sheds a bit of light on purple flower and cigar box notes ————> The mid-palate throws out a raspberry acid kick that levels things a bit before inviting tannins throw a one-two punch at more of the wild game I got on the nose…. The ending carries the gaminess and lush tannins into a looooooong white pepper finish that I never want to end….

I stumbled upon this little Syrah from Bolt To Wines in the cellar last night and man’o’man am I GLAD I did!!!! This is another killer wine made by one of my favorite winemakers, Dusty Nabor ————> I checked with him last night and he’s still got a few of these available for purchase so treat your quarantined self and order a bottle or 3!!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this soulful wine with a soulful song about longing for better days like JJ Grey & Mofro – Brighter Days

2017 Bolt To Wines “Syrah” Ballard Canyon CA


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