In passing 🎧 drink 2 The Killers

In the glass this Roussillon 70/30 Syrah/ Cinsault blend shows a huge motor oil core with bright purple edges that’re wrapped by an electric halo….

The nose is a black fruit explosion ————-> Blackberries, black cherries, and wild game ride a marry go round until another sniff throws a raspberry roundhouse kick….

A taste has a mid-weight start of fresh cranberries and bing cherries before lavender and raspberries come out to play ————> A chew and a swish brings a bit of greasiness to the forefront before raspberry tea, minerality, and crushed anise lay down a long and refreshing ending that BEGS for another sip…..

Here’s a fun little Frenchie blend of Syrah and Cinsault that’ll fit beautifully into your lineup of everyday drinkers ———-> While fun and playful, this wine from Domaine Gayda has enough weight and mouthfeel to stand up against just about anything you pull off the grill…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with an outside chillin’ song like The Killers – Shot At The Night

2017 Domaine Gayda “En Passant” Roussillon FR

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